2019 Nov. 11 Shenzhen tour

11月9日、10日に我々はIoTLT チームとして Maker Faire Shenzhen に出展します。
On November ninth and tenth we will be at Maker Faire Shenzhen as a IoTLT team.
On the next day, on the eleventh, I am thinking about a tour with a prospective person.
Please join me freely (free of charge, but I have your own transportation, meals and so on).

So far I have been thinking.(Adjusting!)

Time Place memo
09:30 深圳市福田区華強北 集合 Meeting
10:00 深圳市福田区華強北 電気街探検 Electric town exploration
12:00 老街 昼食 lunch
14:00 深圳市宝安区 http://j.map.baidu.com/d2/uL6 LCD工場親善訪問 Friendly visit to LCD factory / Shenzhen Enrich Electronics Co., Ltd
16:00 深圳市福田区福中一路2014号 深圳书城中心城 Book Mall
18:00 深圳市福田区華強北 IoTLT, Lightning Talk (Mini Seminar)
20:00 closing

希望者は WeChat Group “20191111 Shenzhen Tour” に Join!
Hoping to join WeChat Group!
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